Awards and Certificates

A guarantee for the impeccable purity and quality of Dobra Voda are the daily analyses in the bottling factory plant laboratory. In addition, samples are regularly sent for control to the Institute for Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia, which makes Dobra Voda one of the most preferred waters in many renowned institutions in the country.

In 2008, Dobra Voda received HACCP certification, in 2014, ISO 22000:2005 certificate, and in
2020, ISO 22000:2018 certificate from the world-known certification body SGS.

Another confirmation of the unique taste and superb quality of Dobra Voda are the awards won in the category of packaged carbonated waters at the world`s biggest water tasting event of competitive character in Berkeley Springs West Virginia, USA, in competition of world-famous water brands.


According to the evaluation of the international expert jury composed of professional tasters, in accordance with guidelines similar to those for wine tasting, in 2006, Dobra Voda won the silver medal, and in 2010, the gold medal.